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You've scoured the house listings for weeks and walked lots of miles with your realtor checking every property that piqued your interest. It hasn't been in vain. Congratulations on choosing your new Logan County home! Now it's time to prepare for the move to get you there. Once upon a time this was an extremely daunting task, but with the advent of technology, guess what? There's an app for that!


Home Inventory Photo App

This one is great for many reasons. If you're feeling anxious to get started, then this will let you begin organizing your belongings. Not only can you document how you have everything laid out (in case you don't want to create a new arrangement in the new space), but by snapping away, you'll have a full inventory at your fingertips should you need it following the move. Accidents do happen.

Several FREE apps can be found on Google Play for Android (this is the currently top ranked:Encircle). Apple users can try this FREE one:Home Inventory Photo Remote.


My Move

This app is great if you really need to stick to a budget with your move. It will let you calculate potential prices, estimate household weight, check reviews for moving companies, and more.

Available FREE forandroid users and forApple users.


Moving Checklist

A good checklist will give you the flexibility to create your own lists, but will also give you suggestions for things you might not have thought about. Take advantage of these apps to make your transition that much smoother with reminders to look into schools, arrange for utilities on both ends of the move (shutting down and turning on), getting estimates for or setting up paper, pest, and lawn services, etc.

For android users:Moving Planner Checklist ($0.99).

For Apple users:Moving Checklist Pro ($0.99).



Once you've closed out the old house and gotten on the road toward your new destination, Gogobot is a great app to help you plan your road trip with recommendations for food and lodging, and even places to have some fun if you want to stop and stretch your legs.

FREE forandroid users andApple users.



Moving is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. So many variables are up in the air and the days seem to disappear, leaving you with too much to do and not enough time to do it. At least it feels that way. Slowing down just a bit, and opening yourself up to having some fun with the move, can help reduce stress and alleviate tension for everyone involved. You, the kids, the pets . . . you want everyone happy where you end up, not miserable and drained from the whole experience.


Say Goodbye to the Old Home

Take photos before everything gets packed up. Document each room so you can revisit it later—either for the walk down memory lane or as a reference to help you recreate the space at your new house.  Be sure to grab shots of your kids or pets, if you have them, because these will help preserve the emotional record of your soon to be previous home.

Don't forget the messy photos, too! In the name of preserving that emotional record, take pictures of your home on an average day, when it's not clean, tidy, and perfect. This will help create lasting, meaningful memories. Some days you may find yourself looking at these when you wonder if moving was the right thing to do.

Leave your mark. Go for the classic time capsule, hidden in the attic or basement. Perhaps you could write a letter to the new owners, welcoming them to the house and sharing some of what made it a home for you. You could even go so far as to sign your name somewhere (linen closets or cupboards are great places) and date it.

Host a goodbye party. We always have housewarming parties, so why not have one to say good bye as well? This is a great chance to get all your neighborhood friends together for a final hoorah, as it were. You can pass out party favors with your new address. Maybe make the goodbye party a packing party? Be creative, have fun.


Getting Settled In Your New Home

Clean up. Start by cleaning surfaces, floors, and inside cupboards with a familiar, fresh-scented product to help make the place feel like yours.

Get fresh. Air out and freshen the house on moving day … fling open the windows. In the evening, light a few scented candles.

Reward yourself. When facing days of unpacking and putting away, having a few special goodies will help quell the chaos and encourage you to keep going. Fresh flowers, quality hand soaps, or maybe some new towels can add vibrancy and something special.


Moving is hard for pets, too!

To help the family kitty acclimate, keep the cat in a closed room for the first few days with water, a litter box, and its bed (if s/he uses one). Feel free to let your cat out for monitored exploration, but keep those contained to a few rooms at a time so that your four-legged friend doesn't get overwhelmed. If your cat is an outside animal, it's best to keep them in for at least a week to discourage them trying to return to the old house out of instinct and habit.

Now for man's best friend. Introduce your dog to the new house while on a leash. Take Fido around the key rooms, one at a time, allowing him to sniff and explore under your supervision. Point out where the doggy bed and food dishes will be kept. Consider keeping Fido to the first floor in the early days if you have a multi-story house, opening up the rest of the house as he adjusts to the new digs. Use this same approach out in the neighborhood as well. Daily walks will let your friend learn all the new scents and sounds, and get to know your neighbors while 'establishing' its new territory.


Personalize the place.

Full decorating may take months to get finalized but that doesn't mean the personal touches have to wait. Paint an accent wall, hang photos, or buy some new blinds.

Host a housewarming. You can start small and intimate with close friends and family, just a little get together to let them see the new place. Or you can go BIG … invite the whole neighborhood and make it a party! TIP: Don't place expectations on your guests to bring housewarming gifts. It'll be nice if they do, but just having them there to celebrate your new beginning should be plenty.


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