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Come Home to Gorgeous Lakeview Real Estate

Lakeview has a population of around 1,072. This small village is situated on Indian Lake with a protected harbor, docks and boat ramp. Lakeview homes are in demand due to its location near the Indian Lake State Park with access to a bike trail, beach and recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike. Businesses such as restaurants, an ice cream parlor, retail grocery and others in Lakeview are accessible by boat and a short walk.


Logan County in western Ohio has great natural beauty and cultural attractions. Native Americans used to reside in Logan County with the first known villages appearing along the Mad River and throughout the hills and valleys between the 1760s-1770s. Most residents were involved in farming or other similar businesses. Blue Jacket's Town gained its name in the 1800s and eventually was named Bellefontaine (beautiful spring in French). One of the main railroad terminals ran through Bellefontaine which led to an increase in value of Lakeview real estate. Campbell's hill, two miles east of Bellefontaine, is the highest point in Ohio.


Part of the village of Lakeview's perimeter is surrounded by the lakeshore. Several natural caves dot the landscape, two of which are open to the public; Ohio Caverns and Zane Caverns. Two castles are also open for tours; the Mac-A-Cheek and Mac-O-Chee, all located in the surrounding Mad River Valley near West Liberty, Ohio.


Around 270 families reside within Lakeview village. 446 households had approximately 29% of children under the age of 18 living with them meaning little less than a third of families living in Lakeview homes have school age children. The median age in the village was 39.8 years, suggesting a good mix of younger and older families which makes for a great place to raise children.


Children who live in Lakeview homes attend Indian Lake schools. A total of 1,800 students are served grades K-12 with a focus to educate, inspire and empower students.The district holds an "Excellent with Distinction" rating by the Ohio Department of Education and proudly promotes a culture for students, teachers and parents to work together in helping students learn.

Things to Do

Lakeview village residents benefit from access to beautiful Indian Lake, which offers 5,800 acres of boating, lake sailing, boat ramps and docks, water skiing, lakeside dining, fishing and more. Year round recreational activities are available for biking, hiking and camping enthusiasts as well as winter weather activities including snowmobiling and ice skating. Lakeview real estate offers condominiums, lakeside residences, gated communities and other waterfront living opportunities not found anywhere else in the area. Evening entertainment at local bars and pubs provide hours of enjoyment for families and visitors.

The quality of life is incredible with access to water, beach and nearby shopping in Bellefontaine, Families interested in purchasing Lakeview real estate will not be disappointed with the amazing opportunities available in this small, but incredible village by the water.



For more information about our award winning real estate agents at Choice Properties, give us a call!


5 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Lender

Purchasing a home is a large investment of time, energy and resources. Consumers who decide to buy property should take time to consider all the options and challenges involved in the process. Learn some of the best questions to ask a potential mortgage lender and what to avoid when starting out the search.

Avoid Buyer's Remorse

Twenty-one percent of home buyers reported buyer's remorse over the lender. People who became dissatisfied cited lack of communication, unmet expectations and pressures to select specific products as reasons for not liking a chosen lender. People who are happy with mortgage professionals cited quick, friendly responses that were combined with fair pricing. Trust is key when building rapport with a lender and is something to watch for in the selection process.

Finding a Lender

A lender or broker who works with an individual, couples or families will ultimately be the best one to choose for a property purchase. Whether meeting face-to-face or working online and over the phone, a lender should meet some general requirements. Get started with the following five open-ended questions.

Is the timing right? Lenders should look at all facets of an individual's portfolio, including debt-to-income ratio, how much a person plans to put down and other factors. A lender should explain a situation in a way that is easily understood.

Should I repay personal debts prior to closing? Good lenders will suggest looking at a person's credit history to see how to improve the credit score. According to credit reporting agency Experian, a credit score of 700 or above is generally considered good. Anything over 800 is excellent which can help bring down interest rates and increase the likelihood of a good deal. Free reports can be ordered online or supplied by the lender.

What should I know about pay points? An interest rate may be paired with mortgage discount points. One discount point typically amounts to 1 percent of the loan amount. One point on a $250,000 mortgage might equal $2,500. The longer a person plans to live in a home, the more sense it makes to pay points.

What will closing costs be in the end? Any lender will make sure consumers understand all the costs up front that will be involved. Scammers can wipe away buyer's closing funds during electronic transfers so it is best to understand how money is transferred, and how much, once the deal closes.

Who services the loan? A servicer is the company that collects mortgage payments and deals with late or missed payments. Some lenders service their own mortgages or outsource servicing. Others may sell the mortgage. While a consumer typically has no say on who services the loan, the question is a good one to give lenders. It will provide an opportunity to understand the scope of business and commitment to consumers.



Buying a home is an exciting time for potential owners but finding the right one can take some time. Choice Properties is committed to helping potential buyers find the right opportunity at the right price. Call us to find out how to get started on your home search needs.


Life and Culture of Living in Logan County

Living in and around Logan County, Ohio has numerous benefits. Many treasures may be unexpected but the attractions and natural resources available for those who choose to live in Logan County are as vast as the caverns and as exciting as the lakes all ready to be explored firsthand.

Ohio Caverns

One of Ohio's most popular tourist attractions, the caverns are open all year except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. The cave is located 30 miles from Dayton, Ohio near West Liberty. It is the largest of all cave systems in Ohio and contains many crystal formations. Approximately 90% of the stalactite and stalagmite formations are still active. Some of the best places to explore inside the caverns include:

  • Crystal Sea and Natural Bridge
  • Fantasy Land and the Old Town Pump
  • The Crystal King and Deepest Point
  • The Big Room and The Good Luck Crystal
  • The Palace of the Gods and Dual Formations
  • The Jewel Room

Explore Indian Lake

Formerly known as Lewistown Reservoir, it is located approximately 20 miles southeast of Lima. It was named by European-American settlers due to several tribes who lived in the region and found the Lake area to be great for fishing and hunting. Many features to explore in and around Indian Lake include:

  • Numerous islands "Indian Isles" which arcs through the center of the lake
  • Biking, hiking, trails for walking
  • Moundwood and Lakeview Harbor boat ramps
  • Popular state walking trails including one ending at Oldfield Beach, Pew Island and Cherokee Campgrounds
  • Lake events that begin with the first week in February (Jimmy Buffett weekend) followed by the annual Boat Show in March, fireworks on the 4th of July and "The Ring of Fire" event the Sunday evening of Labor Day weekend.

Many other events take place in and around Indian Lakes which makes it a great place to explore all the waterways, waterfront dining, entertainment and nature options available for people whether they want to have fun or just relax.

Explore Bellefontaine

Bellefontaine means "beautiful spring" in French, due in part to several springs located in the area. The beautiful town boasts entertainment options galore along with shopping, dining and historical sites on the National Register of Historic Places. Some of the sites include:

  • McKinley Street
  • Court Avenue
  • Holland Theater, recently reopened for live events and performances
  • Campbell Hill, the highest point in Ohio

This short list is just some of the best ways to explore life and culture in Logan County. Come see for yourself all the area has to offer. From lakes to caves, historical sites to nature parks, there is something for everyone to enjoy from kids on up to adults who will find something of value.



For more information about our award winning real estate agents at Choice Properties, give us a call!


The Benefits of Owning Waterfront Property in Ohio

Waterfront properties are what dreams are made of for many people. Types of waterfront homes include private homes on the beach, small cabins near lakes or even lakeside luxury condominiums. Find out what the benefits of owning waterfront property in Ohio can be and what to look for when search for the perfect place to call home.

Live it Up

People who choose to reside near the water seem to embrace a different lifestyle centered around joy and peace of experiencing the shoreline. More time and money is spent on maintenance, yet it is a worthwhile investment that will build memories for years to come. Postponing the joys until later can result in an overabundance of stress and anxiety from living in areas that are far from water (and far from peaceful).


Seeking the rewards associated with waterfront living in Ohio can include many. Here are just a few:

  • Fresh, clean air
  • Beautiful views
  • Improved fitness (mental, physical, spiritual)
  • Great return on investment

The closer a person is to the water, the more air quality improves. Waterfront areas provide vistas that are picture perfect, not to be missed from a home's windows or deck. This can bring peace of mind and relaxation which may be missing from the four walls of an office or other type of home without a view.

Opt Outside

The new movement to get people moving outside more is much easier when there is waterfront living to be had near the lakeshore in Ohio. Being outside has many health benefits including creating communities of people who enjoy the same activities including walking, hiking and pedestrian-friendly options that make life enjoyable.

Energy Boost

Many people come for the views but stay for the vibes being by water brings. Living by the water carries a certain energy that is both healing and restorative. Waking up in the morning to serene views can set the tone for a day ahead, no matter what it looks like. After an afternoon seated by the water, a person can feel more calm and grounded which brings more peace of mind into the rest of a person's life.



Looking to increase your quality of life? Consider lakefront living in Ohio. Choice Properties boasts incredible homes for that second property or primary residence that are second to none. Call our realtors to find out how we can assist you in finding the waterfront home of your dreams.