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Getting ready to move is a big endeavor. When people have small kids, it is especially daunting. With really little kids, like babies, they come with extra baggage and things they need to keep them entertained. Getting settled can feel like a bigger chore than anyone ever realized. Try some helpful tips when thinking about whether or not to move with small children and how to make it more successful. 



This may seem like a no-brainer, but packing with kids is pretty difficult (if not impossible). There may be no way around it, but packing and unpacking is easier when they are asleep. Toys are especially hard to wrestle away from them. Leave a box of toys out until the end and leave a few things to play with at the new house. 


Get Support

Family, friends, and loved ones are especially helpful for taking care of kids. They need to be entertained, but sometimes adults have to do the cleaning and getting the house ready for the buyer. If friends or family want to serve them, it is best to ask in advance. Plan ahead and bring in recruits to keep things fun and easier to manage. They might even consider taking them away from the house to get things done quicker.


Do it Early

Don't wait until the last minute (unless there is no choice). Start months earlier than seems necessary. It may take twice as long to get things done with kids. Get small stuff done, like decluttering, donating unwanted items, and putting things into storage bins now. Hands are full of kids, but even more full when it comes to dealing with packing up a house. Get a head start to keep things moving more smoothly. 


Use Social Media

Social media sites are huge right now for selling unwanted items. It is like a big garage sale. Craigslist and mom's groups on Facebook are a great place to get some help. Just leave it on the doorstep (for most things) and people can come to pick up what they want and leave the money. It is surprising what people may buy (old toys, unused clothing, furniture or accessories) and give some pocket money to buy new things for the next home.


Take the time to say good-bye properly to the old house. Walk around the neighborhood, meet people, and say good-bye to each room, one by one. Honor the memories made in those rooms and acknowledge the new days ahead. It will be challenging for a while, but then things settle and it begins to feel like home again.


Families who are looking for properties to purchase need look no further than Ohio. We provide a service for you that is stellar and professional. Our goal is to help you find the right next home for your family. With our resources, we are able to support your journey of finding the next home while navigating the sale of an existing home or becoming a first-time buyer. Let Choice Properties be the place you go to get help with your home search.


If your family has recently purchased a home and relocated to a new area, congratulations on starting a new adventure! Although it may feel scary and new at first, this refreshing path will guide you to the next chapter in life. Children may feel worried about starting the school year in a new environment, with new teachers and friends. Practice these tips on helping your child adjust to a new school after moving to ensure the school year goes smoothly. 

Start the Conversation Early

It's important to give your child enough time to process the change. This can be done by having an open and honest conversation about the move and starting a new school. Take this time to learn their fears and concerns, offering reassurance along the way. Now is the time to get them excited about the new start, reminding them of all the fun information they will learn at school and the friends they'll make along the way. Although this conversation might not take their fears away, it lets them know that you are here for them during this transition. 

Create a Routine

Before school officially starts, familiarize your child with the school routine to get them prepared. Show them what school mornings will look like, where the bus stop is, and show them the route to get to school. This allows them to become familiar with the idea and not fear the unknown. 

Visit the School Prior to the First Day

Most schools in Logan County offer orientation days, where parents and children have the opportunity to visit the classroom to meet other students and their teacher. Use this time to walk around the school, showing your child where their classroom is and getting them familiar with the area. Although the first few days of school may still feel overwhelming for them, this will let them know what to expect.

Sign Up for Extracurricular Activities 

Encouraging kids to get involved is a great way for them to make friendships and feel like they are a part of something great. This could be a sports team, music class, or after school club. Your child may need the extra push to get through their shyness and hesitation, which is normal! When they are out of their comfort zone is when friends and memories will be made. 

Choice Properties offers you a chance to find the home of your dreams. We work with your budget and ideas in mind to support your ultimate vision. Call us if you are ready to check out the available inventory or to speak with a reputable agent who can assist you with your home buying needs.


Should You Downsize Your Home?

It seems like yesterday you experienced the thrill of purchasing your first home, perhaps filling the space with loving pets or children. Making family memories in your home is something to cherish, but what happens when your youngest child makes the move to college? Should you downsize your home? A smaller home means less cleaning and minimal maintenance, freeing you of time and money for new activities. If you are considering moving into a smaller space, you're not alone!

How to Know When It's Time to Downsize

Choosing to live in less space often has to do with craving a simpler, low-maintenance lifestyle. Downsizing is a common trend for those who have retired and prefer less space. Not only are these homes easier to maintain, but can be found in walkable neighborhoods with easy access to amenities such as culture, restaurants and nightlife.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Downsizing

    • What will I miss in my larger home? Asking yourself what you will miss in your current home will help set you up for a plan. Perhaps you need the extra storage space, but will a rental storage unit help when downsizing?


  • How much time will you save while cleaning and keeping up with yard work? One benefit of moving into a smaller home is less time spent on cleaning and yard work, which is something most people will find as a positive!
  • How much will it cost to get rid of items/furniture I no longer need? If you don't have a thorough plan for selling or giving away your things, and you do it in a rush (giving valuables away to places and people you don't truly care about), you may start to feel right away that you're losing money. Take time to plan about donating extra furniture or selling it to ease your mind.


Finding Your New Home

Downsizing is a great option for many families. Not only do they save time and money in the long run, but often feel comfortable with their choice of easy living. If you are ready to find your new, smaller home, contact the award winning agents at Choice Properties today!



Choice Properties understands your needs and desires when it comes to the home search. We are here to help you define what you want, seek the best property and move forward feeling educated and able to make good decisions throughout the process. You can trust us to help you navigate it with the best real estate agents working for you. Call us to get started on your dream home search today.


Why Downsizing in the Right Move

Why Downsizing is the Right Move

Moving into a smaller home may appear to be a step down, but it's actually got quite a few upsides. You save money, save time and have less clutter. In fact, downsizing could be just the fresh start you need. There are plenty of smaller houses for sale in Ohio that would fit your needs.

However, if you are thinking of downsizing, then it must be done the right way. We have some tips to ensure that your downsizing dream can become a reality.

Long Term Thinking

Planning ahead is key when you're looking at smaller homes. Did you have plans for the extra space you have now? Or is that just real estate being wasted, in which case you're better off selling and going somewhere smaller. But only you can make the decision of keeping or losing extra space.

Minimizing Upkeep

And it's not just the space, it's also everything that's in that space. Clean out the clutter, throw out what you can and sell the rest. That's cash in hand, and less stuff that you have to take care of. A larger family home can take several hours a week to upkeep, and it may even be impractical if your children are grown and out of the house.

Buying Outright

A probable advantage you'll see from downsizing is the ability to buy the smaller, less expensive home in cash and end up mortgage free. For individuals who are close to retirement, this is a very popular option. Statistics show that in 2016, sellers aged 62 and above sold them home for an average price of $250,000 and bought a new home for an average price of $240,000.

Moving Closer To Family

While it is true that it is the older generation, aged 62 and above who are downsizing, their primary reason for doing so in a lot of cases was wanting to be closer to family and friends. In a study conducted about downsizing, 21% of the participants stated that they were moving due to retirement, 15% because their home is now too large and 10% because the neighborhood they are in has become less desirable.

There are many upsides to downsizing. It frees you from the cost and time commitment of maintaining a home that's simply too large. It allows you to unlock your home equity, buy a new place and maybe even retire your mortgage. If you're in the market for a smaller home, look at houses for sale in Ohio. We're confident that you will find the perfect one to begin your downsizing journey.


Enjoy Premium Rushsylvania Real Estate

Rushsylvania is a village of approximately 516 people located in Logan County, Ohio.

Families will enjoy a quiet, small town atmosphere with close proximity to larger cities such as Bellefontaine and beautiful Indian Lake for water based sports and activities. Rushsylvania homes are an affordable option for families seeking great real estate in a quiet town.


Logan County in western Ohio has great natural beauty and cultural attractions. Home to the first known villages started by Native Americans, they dotted the landscape throughout the region in the 1760s-1770s. Farming and other businesses were part of the local economy.


Natural caves and parks are dotted across the region. Two castles are open for tours located in the Mad River Valley near West Liberty, Ohio. Nearby Indian Lake provides a vacation destination for travelers and opportunities to enjoy various activities such as hiking, camping and more.


One of the many benefits of seeking Rushsylvania real estate is affordability and a small town feel where everybody knows one another. Among the businesses in Rushsylvania is a long time staple in the community, Michael Angelo's Pizza. The pizzeria is owned by and employs winners of national and worldwide pizza-making competitions making this a great place to dine in for family and friends. The most recent census shows approximately 500 people reside in Rushsylvania with 146 families. Nearly 40% of families in the village have children under age 18 with the median age being 37 years old including 27 percent of residents under age 18. Families who seek Rushsylvania homes will enjoy connecting with other young families and building connections with the community.


Benjamin Logan School District is located within a short distance from Rushsylvania. Students within this school district will enjoy a highly rated and robust educational system which focuses on students first. Parents are encouraged to attend local board meetings, get involved in PTO and

take an active role in the educational affairs of students in the community. For this reason, parents and families are able to stay informed and involved in student affairs, get to know the principals, teachers and curriculum and help co-design the student's educational opportunities.

Things to Do

Whether choosing Rushsylvania homes to reside or raise a family, there are many activities to enjoy. Bellefontaine is approximately 15 minutes away with access to dining, shopping and entertainment for all ages. Indian Lake with resorts and waterside dining and activities is less than half an hour away. Within a thirty minute drive are the beautiful Ohio Caverns located near Dayton, Ohio near West Liberty. A popular tourist destination, it is the largest of all cave systems in Ohio with many crystal formations.

Residents who purchase Rushsylvania real estate will enjoy a small village with a quality of life that includes access to resort quality activities on the water, beaches, shopping and entertainment for the whole family.



For more information about our award winning real estate agents at Choice Properties, give us a call!


Buying a Home in DeGraff Ohio

DeGraff is a village located in Logan County, Ohio. As of 2010, the population was approximately 1,200 people. This small town is situated at the intersection of State Routes 235 and 508 making transportation to nearby towns and cities a viable option. Being a small village offers families seeking DeGraff homes a serene, rural atmosphere with access to affordable housing and excellent educational opportunities.


The village of DeGraff is located within Township of Miami, a minor civil division (MCD) of Logan County. As of 2010, 476 households and 347 families resided in the village. Nearly 40 percent of households in DeGraff have children under the age of 18 years old and the median age within the village is 34.8 years. Young families seeking opportunities to purchase DeGraff real estate can enjoy the opportunities of connecting with other families with younger children while raising them in a small town.


Nearby Bellefontaine is a mere 15 minute drive from DeGraff with access to shopping, dining and entertainment options. Within DeGraff there are a handful of small businesses catering to people who wish to dine out on pizza, subs or pub food. Entertainment options include a local library, livestock auctions and movies at a cinema in nearby Bellefontaine. DeGraff homes reside in a small close-knit community surrounded by larger towns and cities but for those seeking quiet, residential living away from the hustle and bustle this is a great option.


Riverside Local Schools district was formed by consolidation of Quincy and DeGraff School Districts in 1960. From 1960 to 2002, the elementary school facilities were housed in the former Quincy building and junior high and high school facilities were contained within the DeGraff building. Beginning in 2002-2003, Riverside Local School District merged into a new building which housed all grades K-12. District owned farm land was used to build the new facility with replacement of all athletic facilities being replaced. Many activities are available to children of all ages with a pursuit of academic excellence by administrators and staff alike. Plenty of opportunities to volunteer and participate in school sports, arts and academic clubs are available as well as chances for parents to get involved. The district has around 800 students total. A smaller school means more opportunities for families to connect and invest into the children and community.

Living in the village of DeGraff affords families seeking DeGraff real estate opportunities to purchase homes at all price points. The beauty of a small town is getting to know all of the local families and raise kids in a safe and supportive environment with excellent schools close to, but far enough away from, big city living.



For more information on finding Ohio property for sale, give us a call today to speak with our award winning realtors!



moving your family to a new neighborhood in ohio is good for your health and happiness

Families who live in better neighborhoods may find some residual health benefits. Moving families out of low-income neighborhoods does not necessarily increase wealth or job status but may offer a boost in a different way which supports long-term health and increased happiness.


Health Benefits

A recent study published in the journal Science focused on data analyzed from a study called Moving to Opportunity, a federal housing mobility experiment from the 1990s. Approximately 4,600 low-income families living in poor neighborhoods in five major cities across America were analyzed. About 2,000 families received housing vouchers which allowed the families to move into mixed-income neighborhoods, while others stayed behind. The goal was to determine how much a person's living environment impacts his or her success. Scientists noted families who moved reported significant boosts in physical and psychological health, even while job status or educational opportunities may not have changed.


Health and Happiness

Compared with families who did not move, families who switched neighborhoods experienced lower rates of the following conditions:

  • Diabetes

  • Obesity

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Depression


Rates of depression decreased while the overall satisfaction with life rose to that of a person whose annual income was $13,000 more a year. The significant findings of this report demonstrate money does not necessarily equate to happiness. Helping poor families is about more than just increasing income, but also providing a safe, lower stress environment in which to live, raise kids and work.


Looking for Clues

Researchers were not sure why moving to a new neighborhood made people feel happier but the focus shifted to how people feel more safe and less stressed in different neighborhoods. Some families received mental health benefits in less violent and impoverished communities while some were no better off. Racial segregation did not seem to change the statistics of overall happiness for people, in fact even if it the new neighborhood was as racially segregated, people were significantly happier. The reality is people experience health and happiness in different contexts so it is an individual experience whether or not moving will bring greater happiness, contentment and overall health benefits.


More research is needed to understand what supports families in creating more health benefits and happiness. It is not just from where a family lives, works and attends school but also dependent on other factors including family, community and other unknown variables. As researchers continue to work at understanding the human condition, health and happiness it will be necessary to learn more about the connection between poverty and happiness for future generations.  Firm understanding of how these factors work together can provide greater insight into how healthy communities develop, and maintain, overall wellness and happiness.



Moving can be just what the family needs.

Let our award-winning real estate agents help your family find the perfect neighborhood for a fresh start.


Moving houses can be one of the most stressful endeavors any person experiences. Problems may occur at any stage in the process, particularly when relocating personal items. Find out what some of the common moving problems can be and how to avoid being a victim.


Bad Movers

Many horror stories surround poor companies or personal movers who promise but do not deliver. Some of the common problems include:

  • Late movers or no-shows. Once an agreed-upon time comes and goes with no sign of a moving van, this can signal trouble. Stress and wasted time can make the process more difficult.

  • Careless or inexperienced movers. When movers arrive late, with a smaller than requested moving truck or lack proper knowledge and equipment for the job, relocation can quickly turn into a nightmare. Amateur movers may ruin property in the moving process.

  • Scam artists. Worst case scenario, an individual falls victim to a moving scam whereby movers request money for extra services and hold items hostage until the fee is paid. Some may steal expensive belongings and discard the rest.


Careful research and a thoughtful hiring process can make sure people deal with licensed, experienced professionals who can be trusted. Insurance for belongings can bring peace of mind to the process and save aggravation down the road.



Traffic and road accidents can make a move more difficult. For instance:

  • Traffic jams: a moving truck is delayed, postponing the relocation goals until the next day or some days down the road.

  • Traffic accidents: a moving truck has to wait until damaged vehicles are removed and normal traffic is restored prior to moving on after a road accident. All possessions may be lost or in bad condition if something happens to the truck.

  • Breakdown: a moving truck may need to wait for help if the truck breaks down on the way to pick up belongings. In another scenario, items are damaged in transit.


Not much can be done to prevent accidents or breakdowns but selecting a moving company with experienced drivers with a positive reputation is a good place to start.


Get Organized

Many problems can be avoided when moving house if relocation plans are meticulous and done in advance. Some of the following ordeals may ensue, otherwise:

  • Packing more than movers agreed to relocate including items which won't fit in the truck, mislabeled boxes or not being ready when movers arrive.

  • Large furniture which does not fit in the doors may force items to be left behind or request additional services to move.

  • If utilities aren't transferred, electricity, gas and water will not be ready move-in day. License and registration needs to be updated or fines accrue. Documents can cause wasted time and money.

  • Booking movers last minute will surely cost more than booking in advance. Set a realistic moving budget, pack items after sorting and stick to the plan.

  • Avoid injuries and accidents by practicing safety first.


Get more advice on how to make sure you avoid these moving nightmares.

Contact one of our agents today.


Part of settling into a new house so that it feels like 'home' is getting to know the neighbors. Having that community connection helps establish a feeling of permanence and belonging. Here are some ideas for breaking the ice when you're the new kid on the block.


1. The direct approach … sort of

If you're an extrovert, then walking up to a neighbor's home to say hello will be easy. If you're on the shyer end of the scale, you can build up to it. Wave when driving by or checking the mail; a friendly "Hi" as you walk by with the dog or taking the kiddos to school lets you interact without being committed to stick around. When you're ready, you can hang out for a chat. Word of caution, avoid dinner hours when heading over to knock on the door.  


2. Old school … with pen and paper

With the advent of the technological age, old fashioned hand written notes have gone by the wayside, and as such, are a welcome surprise when received. A small personalized note left in the mailbox or on the front door can make a big impression—and lay the groundwork to meet for coffee, or something similar.


3. Meet at the bus stop

Go with your kids to the bus stop the first few days (or weeks). It'll give you a chance to meet the neighborhood kids your child is likely to end up playing with in the future, and get you on a level playing field with the parents. When you have kids 'in common,' conversation easily flows from there.


4. Trust your dog

Animals are often good judges of character, and great conversation starters. Go for a walk, find the local dog park, just get out with Fido and before you know it, the opportunities to meet the local folks will come to you! Just remember to carry supplies to clean up any accidents along the way. Nobody likes a party pooper.


5. Groups and clubs are all the rage

Knitting, cooking, reading . . . there are all kinds of reasons that people join clubs. At the heart of them all is the socialization that comes from them. These are a great way for you to meet your neighbors and slowly acclimate. You can start off as a quiet observer if need be, then involve yourself more as you get comfortable. Before you know it, you'll be taking a turn at hosting the group! Tea party, anybody?


Get more advice on more ways to meet your neighbors.

Contact one of our agents today.


At some point in your career, you or somebody you know will likely be offered an employer relocation package to assist with a big move. It's been estimated that about seven million people in the USA relocate each year, many for work-related reasons. A growing number of companies are willing to invest in relocating talented professionals and may be able to offer you some reimbursement for moving expenses. It just depends on the company.

Whether it's to stay employed with the same company or because you're looking at greener pastures, you'll want to keep some things in mind before packing up the home and hitting the road.  


1. Make no assumptions.

You know what they say about those who assume. If a relocation package is paramount to your final decision on whether or not to accept the job and the potential new employer doesn't bring it up . . . then you should say something! Ask questions. Interviews are for the employee as much as the employer. It would be a good idea for you to have done your homework first, though. Check out current moving expenses and what the change in cost of living is going to be so that you have viable numbers to discuss.

2. Find out if there are "extras".

Your employer may be willing to cover a moving van, but nothing more. Or, you might be one of the lucky ones that gets a comprehensive package that covers a bit of everything, like transporting vehicles (if your relocation is overseas, this could be a huge expense), covering closing costs on a new home, and/or a guaranteed buyout of your existing home.

3. You can always do it yourself.

There are pros and cons to handling the entire move on your own and sometimes it's the only option. When packing up and moving your household goods on your own, you have few assurances of replacement if items get lost or damaged. That aside, a physical move is exhausting and can be taxing on your relationships with your family and any friends you've asked to help. It's important to remain appreciative rather than critical. Depending on how far you are going, you'll want to compare prices and estimate a budget to help you decide if you want to attempt to do it all with private vehicles, rent a moving van (which includes gas and company insurance), or take advantage of a portable storage container system.

4. Keep records of everything for tax purposes.

Moving costs, in addition to the traveling expense associated with the move, can be deductible if they meet IRS rules. You'll want to look into these as they involve factors such as the distance you're moving and how long you've been employed with the company. Also keep in mind that depending how the employer pays for your relocation, you may have to claim the money as income; i.e. it's taxable.


If you're considering a move to any of Central Ohio's beautiful hometowns, contact one of our agents for insder insights into the best properties available inLogan County and Indian Lake.

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