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Logan County, located in western Ohio, is rich with history, natural beauty and cultural attractions. Many historic American Indians called Logan County home. The first known villages appeared along the Mad River and throughout the beautiful hills and valleys in the 1760s and 1770s. The state officially formed the boundaries of the county in 1817 and named it after General Benjamin Logan.

The county continued to grow throughout the 19th century. Most of the residents in the county were in farming and related businesses. Many small villages began to appear throughout the county. In the 1800’s, a larger group settled in what had been known as Blue Jacket’s Town. As this area continued to grow, it was named Bellefontaine (beautiful spring in French) and became the county seat. In the 1890’s, The Big Four Railroad Company made Bellefontaine one of their main terminals.

There are many interesting facts in this area:

  •  Campbell’s Hill, located two miles east of Bellefontaine, is the highest point in Ohio.
  •  The first concrete street in America was built in 1891, in Bellefontaine.
  •  The shortest street in America is McKinley just west of downtown, in Bellefontaine
  •  The Treaty of Greenville was reported to have been signed near Zanesfield and there are many historical sites marked throughout the county of famous Indian and Frontiersmen’s experiences.

In addition to the rolling hills, valleys and historical beauty of this county, there are also several natural caves. Two are open to the public, Ohio Caverns and Zane Caverns. There are also two castles open to tours, The Mac-A-Cheek and Mac-O-Chee, both owned by the Piatt family. All of these are located in the beautiful Mad River Valley near West Liberty, Ohio.