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Advice for Winterizing Indian Lake Ohio Vacation Rentals

Advice for Winterizing Indian Lake Ohio Vacation Rentals

It's been a great summer for the guests in your Indian Lake Ohio vacation rental. Now, the guests are gone and time to shut the place down for winter. It's important that the property is protected for winter, so that it's able to be used and enjoyed in summer. We have some advice for you to winterize your Indian Lake Ohio vacation rentals.

Turn Off Water

Shut off the water and thoroughly drain the water out of pipes. To do this, find the lowest faucet on the property, usually one on the exterior and open it up. Then go back through the cabin and open every sink, shower or bath faucet and flush every toilet to remove remaining water. You also have to turn off electricity or the pilot light on the water heater and drain the water heater into a floor drain. Disconnect garden hoses and empty pipes leading to outside faucets. Finally, you could use a compressor to blow out the last of the water.

Leave The Heat On

It's best to keep the heat on at a low level for the winter. Of course, power outages are possible and so if the power goes out for a couple days, there could still have problems with pipes cracking. Another argument for leaving the heat on at about 55 to 60 degrees if possible is to prevent the buckling of grouted tiles in bathrooms and kitchen due to the cold weather.

Remove All Food

This includes removing boxes of cereals or cracker and cookies that could attract insects and rodents. Wipe down kitchen counters, all appliances and the kitchen table. Clean out the fridge completely, and don't forget about the freezer. You don't want to come back in Spring or Summer to rotten food.

Unplug All Appliances

Unplug all the appliances including toasters and microwaves. The refrigerator can be left plugged in, but if you are unplugging that too, make sure you clean it out completely, as advised above. Check the pilot lights on the stove and fireplace and shut off the gas. It's a good practice to check for possible gas leaks at this time. If you have a working chimney, put a chimney cap on it or cover it in some way to prevent animals from getting in. finally, unplug the TV, stereo and any computers you may keep at the premises.

Bring In The Dock

Maintaining the dock is critical if you want to use or rent out your property in the next year. If you don't have a dock that can withstand ice, you'll need to bring it in during the winter. Rolling docks and floating piers need some manpower to handle but a standing dock will require even more reinforcements.

Winterize The Boat

You can hire your local marina to winterize your boat, or you can do it yourself. One thing to make sure of is to cover the boat securely to protect it from the elements. Store all the cushions, rafts and life vests in a dry, well ventilated area to protect mildew.

Check For Entry Points

Floorboards, corners, eaves and other nooks and crannies make great entry points for unwanted winter critters. Make sure you check them and seal any holes that are big enough. A good sealant to use is steel wool, which mice and squirrels cannot bite through.

While you will do all you can to make sure your Indian Lake Ohio vacation rental is thoroughly winterized, not everything is predictable. It is a good idea to look into hiring a winter caretaker, who will check on your property periodically, and take care of little things, and be able to alert you for any big issues. Taking care of your property for the winter will ensure that you don't miss even one day of summer on the lake.

Are you interested in starting the hunt for your lake house? Our expert agents are here waiting to assist you! Give us a call today.


Tips for Finding Ohio Property

5 Tips for Finding Ohio Property for Sale

Buying a new property can be a daunting task. The sheer amount of Ohio property for sale is overwhelming, and you may not know where to begin. Our years of experience in real estate in Ohio have taught us the best tips and tricks to find the perfect property for our customers. Using our tips will help you do the same.

Buyer's Best Interests

Naturally, you have your own best interests in mind when you're looking to make a big purchase. Consider here whether the seller's listing agent will also have your best interests in the transaction. Probably not. The dual agent representation scenario is the most common one in Ohio, however you can ask a different realtor to represent you exclusively. A buyer's agent will look out for you, and the seller should have no objection because it won't cost them anything. Beyond negotiating a transaction for you, a buyer's agent can also help you locate and look at properties within your budget, if you haven't been able to find one.

Professional Appraisals

When you apply for a mortgage, the lending institution will ask for a professional appraisal of the home you want to buy. This is to make sure that the agreed upon price is justified according to the current market value of the property. A professional appraiser will look at comparable Ohio property for sale, and arrive at a value. It's a cost that's well worth your while, and using a third party professional appraiser will ensure that you get an unbiased opinion.

Know Your Budget

The mistake a lot of buyers make, is finding a property they love first, and then finding out that it's out of their price range. The smart way is to figure out your budget first, and then look only at properties that fall within it. It is not advisable to buy so close to your target amount, that you become anxious at the thought of any further fees or repairs. There are a couple other approaches you can use, like adjustable rate mortgages to increase your budget and get you into a home you really want, that might be a little bit beyond your price range.

Buying Out Of State

Ohio property for sale is in demand, and you may be a buyer from out of state. In this case you will be concerned about how you will be able to monitor the purchase of a home long distance. You can look up the National Association of Realtors which is a nation-wide network of real estate sales professionals. You'll be able to find a real estate agent in the area where you are looking to purchase. Choice Properties can help you select the perfect home for you in Ohio and assist you to strike a deal when you have made that selection. Working with our agency will give you a real advantage as we have local knowledge.


It won't cost you more to be represented by a buyer's agent when it comes to commission, because the listing agent will split the sales commission with them. Commission is usually paid by the seller of the home. Only in one circumstance would you, as the buyer, pay commission to your agent, and that is when the house you are purchasing is FSBO, ie for sale by owner. This is where the owner has not listed the property with any selling agents, and would not want to pay the commission. In this case, it would be fair to expect the buyer to pay it, in consideration for the agent finding the home.


For more information on finding Ohio property for sale, give us a call today to speak with our award winning realtors!


What To Do If You Inherit Property In Indian Lake Ohio

What To Do If You Inherit Property In Indian Lake Ohio

Inheriting property is not an easy process. You may think that it's like winning the lottery, like getting a reward with little or no detriment, but the fact is that it's not that simple. There are many challenges that you will face if you inherit property. However, should you inherit property in Indian Lake Ohio, you will also see benefits, such as the value of your home going up, because the area is a desirable lakefront, and people are always looking to buy near the water.

Regardless, it can be tricky to navigate the emotions when you are inheriting property from a loved one you have lost. It is up to you to decide whether to accept or refuse this inheritance, and whether you want to use that property to live in or rent out or even sell. We have some insights to help you make those decisions.

Is There A Will?

Before anything else can happen, you need to determine whether there is a valid will. If there is one, then the probate process needs to be followed, and any outstanding debts paid. Without a will, the courts will follow the relevant laws of intestacy. Should there be a will, and its intention is for you to benefit from the property, then it is advisable to work with the executor of the estate as well as a trusted real estate expert. Find out if the deceased owes more on the mortgage than the property is worth, or if there are outstanding liens or taxes on the property, so you don't end up losing money by accepting the inheritance.

The good news here is that the state of Ohio doesn't levy estate or inheritance taxes, so you won't have to pay any for your Indian Lake Ohio property. However, there may be federal taxes to be paid.

Selling or Renting

Indian Lake Ohio is a location that is very much in demand. Even if the home you have inherited is not in great shape, the location can more than make up for it. You will probably be able to sell fast and for a good price. Or you might find that the home is up to date with improvements and repairs and you could make a good rental income while you decide whether or not to sell. After a few years of renting, you may even want to move into the home yourself. There are a lot of options available to you with your inheritance. Take some time and speak to experts like Choice Properties before you make the final decision.

Ultimately, what you do with your newly inherited property in Indian Lake Ohio is up to you. Different options work for different people. You may decide to keep the property for sentimental reasons, or for financial reasons. You may decide to sell for those same reasons. Whatever you want to do, get an appraisal first and find a good property agent. At Choice Properties, our experts will be able to guide you and answer any questions you may have, to help you make the right decision.  

For more information on speaking with our award winning real estates at Choice Properties, give us a call! 



Best Lake Houses for Sale in Ohio

Finding the Best Lake Houses for Sale in Ohio


Lake property sales are on the rise. Whether you had a lakefront cabin growing up, or have always dreamed of buying one, or are just looking for your next investment, you might want to consider lake houses for sale in Ohio. Start looking now, and you could have your own lake house by next summer. We have some great tips for you to begin your search.

Choosing The Right Lake

Before you go out and start viewing lake houses, ask yourself why you want to buy a waterfront property. How do you intend to use the lake on an ideal weekend? Are water activities in your plan? If so, you want a lake conducive to water skiing or wakeboarding. Or perhaps fishing is your choice of sport. These are the kinds of questions to ask yourself and have answers to, before starting your search. With lakeshore properties, somethings are static, while others can be modified. For example, you cannot change the elevation or the lakeshore quality that is nature made, but you can of course, modify the structure subject to zoning provisions.

Location, Location, Location

You'll find a lot of different locations for lake houses for sale in Ohio. As mentioned above, the first step is to figure out the kind of lakefront property you want, and then consider the best location for it. Do you need it to be a short drive away from where your primary residence is? Or are you ok to make a trip of it. Keep your starting point in mind when you begin your search, and also how often you want to go to your lakehouse. There are some great locations near bigger cities in Ohio that would fit the bill perfectly, such as Indian Lake and Lake Erie.

Learning The Rules

Owning lakefront property comes with its own set of responsibilities. Water is a precious natural resource, and it's important that if you own a lake side property that you take great care of the lake or river it is on. Most places will have building ordinances in place to protect the water and prevent homeowners from building too close to the shore. If you're not sure as to what the laws are, your Choice Property agent will be able to walk you through the guidelines.


So the time has come and you've found some perfect lake houses for sale in Ohio, and all you need to do is decide which one is the one for you. There's still the little matter of financing. Most people can't put down the entire asking price in cash. Connecting with a mortgage loan office early in the process is something we can highly recommend. In fact, we recommend finding out initially how big of a loan you qualify for, before starting to look for properties. There are many ways to raise a loan to buy a home, and working with a good mortgage loan officer will help you find the best loan option, making it possible for you to buy your lakefront property.


Choice Property Real-estate has award winning agents to help you find your dream home. Check us out! 

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